Which materials can be used?

We can process all comonly used thermoplastic resins on our injection molding machines.

Who is providing the material?

You are welcome to provide the used thermoplast by yourself or pick one of our offered ones. You can specify this in our request form.

Can I prescribe the mould shrinkage?

Please state the wanted mould shrinkage in our request form.

Part Quantity

What is the minimum/ maximum number of parts I can order?

We will produce any quantity of parts between 1 and 100,000 - depending on the used plastics and the customer requirements.

Time of Delivery

How fast can I get my parts?

priomold can, depending on the complexity of your part, deliver your parts within a few working days. You can inform us about your wished delivery date in our request form

Why Injection Molding?

Why should I prefer molded parts to 3D printed parts?

Injection moulded parts by priomold match to the quality and surface finish of a mass production mould. You receive a part with the exact properties of the given plastics. The parts are suitable for optical and functional prototypes or small series.

Are injection molded parts complicated and expensive?

Even a minor quanitity of produced parts by priomold can be economical. Our automated processes allow a efficient and cost-efficient production with short precessing times. You can order your parts as easy as ordering a mill- or 3D-printed part. We create an offer basing on your provided CAD file and produce the demanded quantity within a few working days.


Which data formats can be used?

priomold works with all established data types which are provided by almost any CAD system. This includes STEP (.stp, .step), IGES (.igs, .iges) and STL (.stl).

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